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It’s not about time


Its not about time, at least I dont believe it is anymore. I did for the longest time. I believed that time was all we had. Part of me still does, and part of me has decided differently.

We don’t have enough. It takes too long. It goes too fast. Theres always more. Where is it when you need it. Time heals. Time changes. Time keeps going. It moves on. On after we have stopped.

So, tell me how that is all we have? Something that never is a part of you….something that feels lack and scarce?  If it is “all we have”….will it ever be enough or more than we need? Will it forever be moving too fast or too slow?

No, Its not about time.

What we have is what we choose, and it is a choice.

We are now. We have now. If we want we to, we must choose to do everything we can from now. And past now, for as long as we can, until we cannot anymore. Thats when we’ve done everything that we were meant to do, and we no longer need to do anymore. Thats what I think.

It doesn’t matter how long that takes or how fast it goes or if there will be time to do enough.

It will always be enough, because its not about time. We weren’t given time.

We were given a chance. Its about how we use it. From that we have everything we could ever believe in, if we choose. There is no right or wrong way. It is never wasted. It is ours. We have that choice, just like we have right now. Time can never decide that for you.


Genuine Blogger Award 2012!


This morning, I was pleasantly surprised with this: 😀

Okay so maybe pleasantly is a tad bit of an understatement…..Theres a possible chance that it was accompanied by a brief moment of jumping up and down and/or a still lingering smile…..

Did I mention that I get excited easily?

A fellow blogger @ My rays of Light was kind enough to pass along the “Genuine Blogger Award” to me this morning. Her blog is a true inspiration and I feel so honored to be chosen to recieve this. Just in the short time I’ve been posting, I’ve read so many blogs and met amazing writers that are so much more talented than I am. So to keep the award moving along, I’d like to pass this to a few people who’ve been kind enough to support me with my blog and whos words are written with deepest insight and beyond.




You guys deserve it! And thank you again to http://myraysoflight.wordpress.com/ for the nomination!


My Second “Beginning”


I really appreciate all my family and friends and anyone who has stopped by, read, or commented on one of my post. I can’t believe I already have “followers” after only a month. Thank you! I love that, and I hope you keep reading.


This past week, I feel like I’ve temporarily lost track of what direction I wanted to take this new journey of mine. If you hadn’t already noticed, its taken me nearly a week to write this, but I guess I now understand why.
I jumped in hoping a direction would come to me, and in a way I was right. But in another, I know that no matter what direction that is, its up to me to take the first step towards it.
I realize my start on this blogging adventure was a little rough, but it got me started and that’s what matters more than anything. After months almost a year of procrastination, I finally took the first step. I wasn’t sure how I was going to begin, but as I got going, I knew that it would change (things inevitably always do) so I tried not to focus on that. I just knew I had to trust it.
There’s nothing saying that I have to stick to any one thing forever ( at least to this day, I haven’t see a sign saying so) Hence the reason I chose the name Freedom to Change.

But I’m realizing there’s so much more to change than just the occasional reality check. There’s always that moment where you have to stop talking and start listening to see what is really being said. This week I stopped and listened for a while to hear what I was saying.

Like I said, I took the first step, but now I am taking a tiny step forward.

If there’s something you want, you can’t be afraid to chase after it. You can’t sit around waiting for it to come to you, even if you’re not sure how it’s going to affect your world. And when you feel a “push” towards a certain direction, you have to trust it. There has to be a spark of something you feel strongly about. And once that spark is lit, it takes off and there’s no stopping it.

I’m realizing that everything we do has an impact in someway. I’m realizing that not everything I write has to be 4 pages long. And I’m realizing that if I want to take a day and talk about my new pair of polka dot colored socks, that there is nothing wrong with that! (And I promise you, I will get around to doing so one day)

 But what I’m seeing so far is that I can’t write about change when I’m still changing myself, and I can’t write about life when I’m still living it.

I can only write about my journey through it, and all the little things that make it worth writing.

I love life…..more specifically, I love MY life and I want to make sure I embrace it in every way possible.

I’m not going to look back and I’m not second guessing, I’m just moving forward with the changes life brings.

I’d love to make a difference.

And I’d love to change the world.
But I know that’s something I can’t do on my own.

It has to start by changing ourselves.
Therefore I am starting by changing me.

I don’t want another day to pass by without taking advantage of every minute of it.

I want to discover all those little things and details that make life truly amazing. There’s so much more beyond that make our dreams literally become a reality.

I’m hoping you’ll join me on this journey, and I don’t want you to just listen to me, I hope listen with me.
Because I guess what I’m really saying is:

I’d love it if you would change the world with me.

Finding a “balance” between work and other things…


As you may have noticed, I tend to do a lot of thinking. And in my case, a lot of thinking requires a lot of writing, which means a having a hard time concentrating on anything else, especially the things I should be doing.
Even when I’m not writing, I’m always thinking -about something- no matter how much I try to focus otherwise.
My brain is constantly going a mile a minute, my fingers are having a hard time trying to keep up, and my poor computer is pleading insanity (a figure of speech, not to be taken literally) for a break from all the information I’m trying to cram into it. (My cell phone screams in equal resentment)
If I could, I would write every single second of every day. I’d keep going until my fingers hurt and could go no more, and even then that would probably never stop me.

But realistically at the moment, what I want and what I need to do seem to be colliding head to head. (Writing included)
Trying to organize the two of them is rather tiring. When I’m supposed to be working, I find myself jotting down thoughts and words and ideas, (leaving post-its on the walls, chairs and other neighboring furniture items) hence neglecting all of the “need to” things.  And the more I try to ignore it, the less I end up getting done.

I know I can’t be the only person who this has happened, and/or is happening to. Trying to find a balance that keeps both sides happy and still be successful…
Its either making sure your priorities come first and put everything else behind. Or letting the priorities fall so you can follow in another direction. And unless that means turning your wants into needs, the result is not always a successful ending.

We can only go for so long doing any one thing before inevitably we reach the point of “burning out”. (That by the way, is an actual term. Ask any college student studying for an upcoming exam. )
And that is the part where the figure, “All work and no play.” literally comes into play.

And part of the reason I am still here writing.

We can work as hard as we want to get ahead in any one direction, as long as were willing to let something else fall. But we can also fail to take care of the necessities if we get too caught up in what we would prefer.
That doesn’t mean work has to be a bad thing, (unless you choose to make it that way.) And wanting to do something else isn’t bad either.
But when you’re at the point of feeling guilty for not tending to what you think you should, then you know its time to make a change.
Sometimes the things you want are really what you need, and knowing when you need them helps to keep them balanced.

I could stop writing if I wanted to, and try to focus strictly on working……..

And it would last a grand total of about a week.

If I’m lucky.

I could also drop everything and do nothing but write.
In which case I would probably be perfectly happy, but at the same time I would also jeopardize the priorities in my life.

In either case, nothing would be complete, because each side completes the other.

Its about balance. Its about knowing what makes the other work more efficiently, and finding what works best for you.
I write because I think clearer, it helps me gain a better understanding, and I’m more likely to work better when after I do.

I wrote this because I wanted to, because I enjoy it and because I know its my own little level of “balance”.
Even if you can’t choose, you can still incorporate something that you want and enjoy, just because you look forward to it or it inspires you in some way.

I still have other things I need to do- a lot of them actually.

You probably do to, and yet you’ve chosen to take the time to read this instead…..Isn’t it funny how things work out like that? 😉


So, needing to get back to the priorities; I hope I haven’t kept you too long. But if you happen to have another moment to spare…..

What are some things that help keep a balance for you?

Autumn Arrives


Today I found myself in the kitchen- inevitably when this happens, there is a 99% chance that baking is involved in some way or another. Today was no exception. And with the temperature dropping, and the harvest festivals and activities starting this weekend, its soooo hard to NOT want to join in. And baking always seems to do the trick.

Considering the pumpkin muffins I made the other day were nearly gone, and there were two bags of apples sitting on the counter, I figured an apple cobbler was a good place to start.

Not too bad. Not the best ever either, but at least the house is now infused with the smell of cinnamon- no glade scented plug-in can compete with that. 🙂

And I still have plenty of apples leftover…….any ideas?

Since I moved to Georgia, I’m amazed at how attracted I’ve become to the autumn months. Being from florida, I guess its just not something I ever put much thought into. Down there, we only have three seasons: hot, warm, and sweater worthy. Palm trees look the same everyday, every year, all year, unless of course a hurricane comes around and knocks a few of them down. But even then they really don’t look much different.
So when I first got the chance to experience the fall “change”, it opened my eyes to a whole new season that I honestly didn’t even know existed.
Crisp air, colored leaves, corn mazes, apple festivals, halloween and pumpkins that actually come from a FARM, not your local walmart………..
There’s just something special about that. Its a transitional phase, and (according to my terms) the end of the year. Because in a matter of weeks, every tree drops its leaves, dropping away a years journey and paving the way for a fresh new start. Maybe that’s why its called “The Fall”. It leaves behind the old, prepares for the new, then comes back greener than ever, even after months of harsh cold weather.

Every year its predictable, guaranteed, and amazing and I never get tired of it…….As the seasons change, so do we.

Even though I tend to complain about my distaste for the cold weather, -yes, 60 degrees IS cold- I do have to admit, fall may now take my “favorite season” award.

Winter on the other hand has yet to win me over. When ice covers the road for a week at a time, I would LOVE to see palm trees any day of the week.

Is there a certian time of year that you tend to favor more than others?

Anything is Possible


I believed for a long time,- up until about a year ago in fact, (yeah, told ya it was a long time) that there would be things I wanted to do or things I would want to achieve that I wouldn’t be able to, and I was OK with that. I had it in my mind and was ok with the fact that maybe only certain people could be famous, or only certain people could live however, wherever, and whenever they wanted. I said to myself, that’s who they were, and this is who I was, and I would never be able to change that.
But I was still disappointed and discouraged to feel that if I didn’t know exactly how I was going to go about a situation, that I would have to forget about it and find something I DID know about. I’m sorry, but the thought of sitting in an office from 8am to 5pm everyday, stuck in an everyday routine, living an everyday type of life, never did, and still does not appeal to me. In anyway. whatsoever. Period.
Because that’s not who I am. That’s not who my parents are. And that’s not who they’ve taught me to be. But I think we all come to a point at one time or another where we are just not sure where the next move is going to come from. And that’s where I was.

I always knew I wanted to write. I always knew that was a big part of who I was. On the other hand however, I had no idea how I was going to make it happen. I couldn’t conceive the thought of what I would write about or how I would be able to get my work out there to the world. Even if I did, there are so many books, journals, newspapers and blogs, who would want to read me?

And that’s where things started to change. But not completely.

I kept trying to put a label on the, “what I want to be when I grow up” thing. (Although respectively I do still have time to try and figure this out) I didn’t want to wait. Because really, what was I waiting for? Life is too short to be spent waiting. If I were to wait, and procrastinate, I’d be right back at this position in five years or so, asking myself the same questions. I would have achieved nothing, and succeeded in buying myself another 5 years to NOT think about it. I knew what I wanted, but was still trying to put something different in its place.

What was right in front of me, I kept pushing away. – denying myself the slightest chance to believe that it was even an option.

So instead of running, I tried to make a list of the things I did know about. But guess what? Everything I came up with had no definite answer.

And that’s where it hit me. Sort of.

Anything I want to do will always require some kind of learning curve.
I’ve always found it harder to learn about things that your not completely interested in, because your not interested!
I knew I had to start somewhere. Why not start doing something I actually want to? …….Hello, why didn’t I think of that in the first place? I guess that’s part of our learning curve though and our journey is to embrace it.

And that’s where I am now. And I guess you could say this is part of My journey. Even though at this moment my posting will most likely be lost amongst millions of others, I will continue to write it. Why? Because that’s how real it is, and that’s what makes me happy.
That’s not to say that this is the only thing I will ever do. There are still millions of things I want to do and learn about but this where I know how to start. I know I will always have the freedom to change, but learning along the way will help me be able to make that decision.
I know what’s possible, and I know that it only takes one person to read this and say, “Yes! I know what you mean. I’ve been there, I can relate to that- I understand that.”  And that’s how we evolve by learning from each other, because one way or another, we all have some kind of story to tell.
Were all here to make the very most of our possibilities. I believe that part of making a change is understanding when to let something stay the same.

Change doesn’t always have to be different.

Sometimes its just that little voice in the back of your head letting you know that anything is possible.

About Me


Hi everyone, someone, anyone….my name is Sheila and welcome to my blog- or shall I say the start of a blog. I’ve never done this before, hence I’m a tad bit nervous but probably more excited than anything. I tend to get a little carried away, (I apologize in advance) so try to bear with me here.
I am originally from south Florida, but now live in North Georgia. I guess that could be labeled as “From beaches to the peaches”? Florida will always be where I’m from, but Georgia is now my home and is where change has brought me for the time being.
I have two dogs that I love unconditionally, despite their tendency to be mischievous. At times they can be more sentimental than people, and I think that goes for all animals.
I love baking, gardening, traveling, photography, and virtually everything in between. (This includes: chocolate, Hawaiian flowers, yoga, and the color purple.)
I am fascinated by everything, because the world is absolutely amazing.
I dream of traveling and seeing and experiencing the many, many different things in life. I believe life should be lived to the fullest, everyday and in every way possible. Each day I learn something new, and in this world, as long as you stay open to the endless possibilities, you can and will never stop learning.

I am a strong believer in everything happens for a reason, whether reasons are present at the time or not.

One of my dreams is to live in Hawaii and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to do so.
The one thing you should know about me, if nothing else, is that writing is my passion. I promise you, and this is no lie: I will drop everything without a moments notice to write down an idea when it comes to me. My poems and stories are a part of me. My whole life, my world, and the world around me, along with so many other things I’ve felt, learned, experienced or just want to remember, all come to life in my writings.

People throughout your life will try to stand in the way of what you truly want. Sometimes that person can be yourself. I have learned to accept this as something to be grateful for instead of something that should be despised. Everyone has a right to an opinion and a voice, and that’s part of what makes us human beings.  I will never try to tell someone the way they should do things, but I will always treasure what they have to say.  I will never hold a grudge towards anyone for anything, ever. Life is too short and in the big picture, its meaningless.

We were all born to have a purpose. We can all have, be and do anything we want. Each one of us has the potential to make a difference, to choose what we want out of life, to find our true joy and most importantly, we have the ability to change any piece of that at any time. Writing has helped me to understand the things I could not explain, or explain things I could not understand. Its spontaneous, unpredictable, magical and just plain amazing…just like life. And maybe that’s why I love it. Everything about it – every aspect of it – in the most obsessive and undeniable way possible, because like life, it too is always changing and no one can ever stand in the way of that.
My point? Have I left you wondering? I hope so.

I feel pretty confident that this first posting inevitably will be the hardest. Whether anyone will read this or not, I do not know. But obviously you have found me, so thank you, and I love that you have taken the time to read my page.

As far as a point goes, I can’t say absolutely that I have one, because there is so much that is still unwritten. My goal for this blog is just to write about what I know about. My intention is not to try and provide answers, because I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I probably don’t have many at all. I only want to share with you what I’ve learned and the experiences in my life, and in return perhaps you could do the same. As I’ve said before we are always learning and we all experience things differently. There is no plan engraved in stone for anyone of us. And thats the beauty of it! Whether you know what you want or not, there should be nothing to stop you from believing in it. Believe in your dreams, in who YOU are.

 One thing I know for sure is this: Happiness is not something that rest in the opinions of others, always remember that. You always have the freedom to change, but you have to find what makes YOU happy. When you find that, chase after it with all of your heart. Capture it, embrace it, remember it, and what ever you do, never let go. ~

This is who I am, and I am never letting go.