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What are we voting for?


What are we voting for?

I don’t talk much about politics or the economy or current events going on in the world. I know some people think that because I’m not old enough to vote, todays election doesn’t directly affect me or is anything that I should even be concerned with. To be honest, until 4 years ago, its not something I ever thought concerned me and there are many reasons why i’ve never liked thinking about it. I don’t like that people feel divided by who’s a democrat and who’s a republican. I don’t believe anyone should be defined by their “social class” or income level. And I don’t agree that someone can make decisions without keeping in mind the best interest of us as people. There are a lot of things I do not like, and I’m sure there are many subjects in which many Americans do not agree with. But I’m not writing this to talk about my opinion or to argue with whats right and whats wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We have our beliefs. We have our reasons. We have Different goals, different outlooks, different everything. That isn’t what matters. I know I’m only 16, but please hear me out. there are a lot of things I don’t understand and I may be way out of line even writing this. The reason I ask, “What are we voting for”, is because in the past 4 years I think a lot of people have forgotten the answer to that question. We may be different but the one thing we do need to agree on is keeping who we are and who we stand for the same. Isn’t that what matters? Everyone has had a difficult year or past few years and in the process, i’ve watched many people change because of that. Things in our government have changed. Our country has changed. We are Americans, we live in the land of the free but why does it feel like we are so divided? We are supposed to help one another. We are one Nation under God. If we can’t hold true to that, then What do we stand for?
To those of you who are able to go out and vote today, I hope you think about that.

Sheila Marie