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It’s not about time


Its not about time, at least I dont believe it is anymore. I did for the longest time. I believed that time was all we had. Part of me still does, and part of me has decided differently.

We don’t have enough. It takes too long. It goes too fast. Theres always more. Where is it when you need it. Time heals. Time changes. Time keeps going. It moves on. On after we have stopped.

So, tell me how that is all we have? Something that never is a part of you….something that feels lack and scarce?  If it is “all we have”….will it ever be enough or more than we need? Will it forever be moving too fast or too slow?

No, Its not about time.

What we have is what we choose, and it is a choice.

We are now. We have now. If we want we to, we must choose to do everything we can from now. And past now, for as long as we can, until we cannot anymore. Thats when we’ve done everything that we were meant to do, and we no longer need to do anymore. Thats what I think.

It doesn’t matter how long that takes or how fast it goes or if there will be time to do enough.

It will always be enough, because its not about time. We weren’t given time.

We were given a chance. Its about how we use it. From that we have everything we could ever believe in, if we choose. There is no right or wrong way. It is never wasted. It is ours. We have that choice, just like we have right now. Time can never decide that for you.




by Sheila Marie

We sit with bated breath- our futures holding
Hands held tight in deep composing

Searching for the answers to
Answers that we wish we knew

A sure path way to reach the stars
No such thing, only come to find
May as well be the long road to mars
Sending us further and farther behind

But against the winds we try to seek
That of which seems out of reach

Knowing it could be coming next
And hoping it holds the very best.

Learning always from what is done
Guided along by rays of light
To better ready for whats yet to come-
Bringing clouded views to perfect sight

And all the time spent will be worthwhile
And all the dues paid on the extra mile
Will prove to be more than timeless haste
Because in truth, that’s never really the case

We can brush off all the used to be’s
Climbing mountains taller than the trees-

Taking chances on whats in store
While leaving behind what is no more

The real journey has only just begun
But until then, in faith, we’ve already won

Still we wait and hope and wish and pray
Because somewhere we know will come the day
When the roots can let go and finally cave
And we’ll be left no more to wander astray

Every storm will come and pass
Just as every wind is not meant to last

And If you question when, all I have to say
Is someday came will be our day

It’ll be the day we dance and scream and laugh in praise
Because the tradewinds finally blew our way~

The start of an Age



Through your life there’ll be ups and downs, twists and turns, days where your not sure what could possibly happen next and moments that make you feel like your floating on top of the world.
You’ll go places you never in a million years thought you would go, ask yourself how and why things happen and meet people along the way that you never thought could change your life forever.
We tend to measure life in chapters of past, present and future and divide it as such accordingly, forgetting about the pages in between that hold it all together.
Everyone has there own story to tell, and each chapter marks an age. Theres an age for growing, for learning, for making mistakes, for starting over and trying again. Theres an age for asking questions, finding answers, and moving forward to see, believe, succeed and achieve all the things you never imagined possible. There’ll be times that it rains and times when it pours and days so clear that not a cloud can be seen in the sky; but your the one that gets to live in and love every minute of it.
You’ll realize theres a time for changing, a time for staying the same and a time to figure out the difference between the two, but whats even more important is that none of them ever stand in the way of living.
You can to sit inside on a rainy day or choose to go out and dance in the sun showers, even if it means making a complete fool out of yourself

Make sure you see all there is to see. Say, “I love you” too many times, but mean every one of them. And don’ t forget to remember today, just be sure to never get too caught up in tomorrow; Because everyday starts the age of something new but today is a journey that has just begun.

A letter to me


Upon a day spent browsing the internet, I stumbled into something that I honestly never thought I would see. Futureme.org . A chance to send a letter to yourself…..in the future. Call me crazy or whatever you want; i wasn’t going to pass this up. Today I decided to write email a poem/letter to myself that will arrive in February of 2030. So much can change between now and then, but the only question I had was, why not? It could be interesting, and below you’ll find my letter to me.


I never thought id ever write a letter to me
Something that will take 18 years to again see
The only real difference there is so to speak
Is you’re almost 33 now but 15 here with me

I still find it hard to try and believe
That this is just another capsule in time
Flying right before our eyes
A one way trip on a single fine line

And as I’m sitting here writing this letter to you
I’m sure by now you’ve come to find
That all the things I wished you knew
Have become so distant and far behind

Everything that seems so exciting and new
Also looks scary in every which way
It makes me wonder how long this newness will last
Or how long I’ll be brave enough to allow it to stay-

I know that what seems frightening now
Will evolve into bigger and better things
I just hope that you never forget to look
And open your eyes for what tomorrow brings

Right now there are so many places you want to go
So many things you hope to do
So many things you don’t want quite yet-
And I hope growing up never grabs hold of you

Because the world at a glance can seem so vast
Though if you watch closely it grows smaller by the day
Even I have become part of your past-
But hopefully not part that has slipped away

I think that’s everyones story, in one form or the next
Trying to outrun what can seem so complex
Hoping to find their own futures path
Taking the first step forward and never looking back.

At 15 there’s no telling where you’ll be reading this
But there’s nowhere as important as now where you are
There’s things right now I can’t help but miss
But with all of your dreams, I know you’ll go far.

There’s still so much to figure out
And so many reasons to try and find doubt
But with shortened days and hastened nights
You have to trust that the future holds bright-

I hope this finds you in a time of need
I know things have changed but i’ll just have to wait and see-

So I’ve decide to write this reminder for you
In case you forget, though I hope you never do:

Because when you look up at the stars,
Hoping to see
A miracle pass by –
Another galaxy-
Make a wish of who and where you want to be
All the things you’d love to see
Everything in your wildest dreams

And when you do, all I hope is that you think of me.

~ from you when you were only 15

Sheila Marie

My New Years Resolution REVOLUTION


January 23, 2012

-by Sheila M.

Staring down at the blank sheet of paper, or the paper staring up at me – I’ve yet to decide; I sat on the edge of my far-from-neatly made bed and listened as rain drops pelleted against the glass windows. Trying to put into words a way to sum up the past twelve months, now come and gone, before resolving myself into the new year. 23 days its been now that I’ve spent trying to do so, and still…..I got nothin’! And instead, I’ve been trying to make sense of what we all know far too well as the “New Years Resolution”. I started by going through what I already know, and so far this is what I have:

I know this is the time of year I’m supposed to come to terms with last year; accomplishments, failures, changes, challenges and even the stack of clothes I’ve been meaning to donate for far too long. (in case you were wondering, yes, the stack has moved on and no longer resides on my bedroom floor) 🙂

I know this is where people are “supposedly supposed to” wash away the old to make way for the new, in hopes of improving different aspects of everyday life. Unfortunately, the reasons why and how this happens, AKA making infinite promises to themselves that more than likely they won’t be able to keep, is where I fell off track with the New years resolution. Because to be honest…..if you actually DID want to join the local gym, you wouldn’t have waited until January 1st to do so. – End of story.

BUT thankfully, seeing as how I’m a little more than 3 weeks past that deadline, (and I’m not in the market for a gym membership), I may have come up with a new approach on how we’re supposed to go about a “new beginning”, and keep from picking apart pieces of last year that didn’t go as planned.

And that is where my Revolution was born.

Going back to my spiral notebook, completely empty and waiting for a list, a recap, an explanation, practically anything – I kept going over and over why I was having such a difficult time with the old year-new year transition. Words are one thing I’ve never had a problem with.( In fact most of the time, I probably have too many to try and keep them in a logical order.) Then again…I’m not sure if logic was ever my strong suit!

I’ve never been one to jump on the “resolution is the solution” bandwagon for precisely one reason- its not a solution and never has been. However, sitting with my pen and paper in hand, that’s exactly where it hit me – I was trying to do just that. And I was left with only one apparent reason to figure it out- It wasn’t working! Why?

Because its not about resolving, its about reviving.

I was nearly in shock when I made this realization, and wasn’t even sure if it made any sense. But by putting the pieces together, it slowly started to fall in place. That maybe what we’ve been trying to resolve is what has been keeping us from moving forward all along. Don’t get me wrong though, I completely support anyone who truthfully wants change, in whatever form that may be. But its more than just doing so because you feel guilty. Its more than just making a decision and “sticking to it”. It’s a lifestyle. A way of life. A way of living. And as far as actively making the decision to resolve things that may seem like they could have been done differently, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you WANT to change them.

My Resolution ReVolution is not about getting rid of or starting over, but bringing in to new light the old to more clearly understand the new. So I guess in a round about way, you could say that I’m revolting against trying to resolve.

Instead of pointing out the imperfections, as if you can create the perfect “plan” by stamping them out altogether; accept them. You can’t change yesterday, but you can improve from it. Move forward, use them as a guide and when you see things you want to change, you’ll be more apped to WANT to change them. Not because you feel guilty or because it sounds like a “good” idea. Because if that’s the case, you may not “resolve” anything. You may actually result in feeling even more guilty or discouraged if you can’t keep up with your new plan.

So where does all this lead?


23 days of thinking.

a little more than an hour spent explaining.

no more blank pages left in my notebook.

and one blog post you’ve just finished reading.

All I can say is;

that’s more than what I started with. 😉

And if I haven’t lost you by now- I’d really like to hear some other thoughts other than mine!