It’s not about time


Its not about time, at least I dont believe it is anymore. I did for the longest time. I believed that time was all we had. Part of me still does, and part of me has decided differently.

We don’t have enough. It takes too long. It goes too fast. Theres always more. Where is it when you need it. Time heals. Time changes. Time keeps going. It moves on. On after we have stopped.

So, tell me how that is all we have? Something that never is a part of you….something that feels lack and scarce?  If it is “all we have”….will it ever be enough or more than we need? Will it forever be moving too fast or too slow?

No, Its not about time.

What we have is what we choose, and it is a choice.

We are now. We have now. If we want we to, we must choose to do everything we can from now. And past now, for as long as we can, until we cannot anymore. Thats when we’ve done everything that we were meant to do, and we no longer need to do anymore. Thats what I think.

It doesn’t matter how long that takes or how fast it goes or if there will be time to do enough.

It will always be enough, because its not about time. We weren’t given time.

We were given a chance. Its about how we use it. From that we have everything we could ever believe in, if we choose. There is no right or wrong way. It is never wasted. It is ours. We have that choice, just like we have right now. Time can never decide that for you.


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  1. What can I say???? Your writing isn’t just about style, or about information, or about writing it is about you and I can say YOU have it!! I loved this one–they just keep getting better and better as you now understand how it is all about Shiela and when Shiela gets that it will be about everyone else. You go Girl Love you so much

  2. It is so easy to get distracted today, compared to when I was your age. But even for me now, I am having to learn a whole new form of strong concentration to keep me in the here and now… so I can do what I need to do. You grew up in this multitasking world. Not saying that it makes things easier for you, but it does not affect you as much as it does this ‘senior’ 🙂 I am learning… I am moving forward!

    • You are only as old as you allow yourself to feel! You know as well as I do that its never too late too learn something new, and as far as the “multitasking goes, you are doing just fine. As long as we can learn to adapt to whatever situations and lifestyles we may encounter, the way we go about our learning and concentration will adapt too.

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