A letter to me


Upon a day spent browsing the internet, I stumbled into something that I honestly never thought I would see. Futureme.org . A chance to send a letter to yourself…..in the future. Call me crazy or whatever you want; i wasn’t going to pass this up. Today I decided to write email a poem/letter to myself that will arrive in February of 2030. So much can change between now and then, but the only question I had was, why not? It could be interesting, and below you’ll find my letter to me.


I never thought id ever write a letter to me
Something that will take 18 years to again see
The only real difference there is so to speak
Is you’re almost 33 now but 15 here with me

I still find it hard to try and believe
That this is just another capsule in time
Flying right before our eyes
A one way trip on a single fine line

And as I’m sitting here writing this letter to you
I’m sure by now you’ve come to find
That all the things I wished you knew
Have become so distant and far behind

Everything that seems so exciting and new
Also looks scary in every which way
It makes me wonder how long this newness will last
Or how long I’ll be brave enough to allow it to stay-

I know that what seems frightening now
Will evolve into bigger and better things
I just hope that you never forget to look
And open your eyes for what tomorrow brings

Right now there are so many places you want to go
So many things you hope to do
So many things you don’t want quite yet-
And I hope growing up never grabs hold of you

Because the world at a glance can seem so vast
Though if you watch closely it grows smaller by the day
Even I have become part of your past-
But hopefully not part that has slipped away

I think that’s everyones story, in one form or the next
Trying to outrun what can seem so complex
Hoping to find their own futures path
Taking the first step forward and never looking back.

At 15 there’s no telling where you’ll be reading this
But there’s nowhere as important as now where you are
There’s things right now I can’t help but miss
But with all of your dreams, I know you’ll go far.

There’s still so much to figure out
And so many reasons to try and find doubt
But with shortened days and hastened nights
You have to trust that the future holds bright-

I hope this finds you in a time of need
I know things have changed but i’ll just have to wait and see-

So I’ve decide to write this reminder for you
In case you forget, though I hope you never do:

Because when you look up at the stars,
Hoping to see
A miracle pass by –
Another galaxy-
Make a wish of who and where you want to be
All the things you’d love to see
Everything in your wildest dreams

And when you do, all I hope is that you think of me.

~ from you when you were only 15

Sheila Marie


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  1. This is brilliant..! 😀
    A really enjoyable read.. It’s great to find someone of my age with the same passion for writing as me..
    Btw, I love your theme, the presentation of your blog.. 🙂

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