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These things will change…..


Please, just take the time…and listen ❤

Change – Taylor Swift


You never know what change may bring. You never know when a revolution is going to start, or where the light in the tunnel is going to end. But if you wake up to another morning, wondering what the day will hold, wondering what is going to happen next, then you know change is already on its way. Its right around the next corner, just believe its been there waiting for you all along.

Because, it has.


I’m Back ;-)


Hi…I’m back. If you’ve been reading, I apologize for the long silenced period these past couple of weeks. I promise, I didn’t get sucked into the computer-  I didn’t fall off the face of the earth (not completely anyway) and I didn’t get lost out in the woods somewhere- although I did go exploring through some….nonetheless, here I am.
I swore to myself I would try to stay as consistent as possible when I started this whole thing. I always felt that if you let something drop, especially within the first few months of beginning, your chances of picking it back up are not great.

Okay, maybe less than not great……….Like snow falling in Florida, knowing that its never going to and wasn’t meant to happen. Because if its easy to put off until maybe one day you find the time or maybe the right time will present itself, then you really need to reconsider if its what you truly want. Or, if its like the chances of snow falling in the middle of summer; it was just never meant to happen.
But I’m not here to talk about snow. Life, maybe. But snow….- that’s way to cold for my liking. I think I got the shivers just mentioning it. And after yesterdays cold snap, I’m nowhere near anxious to see that white stuff again. 

I have to admit though, it is rather mesmerizing to watch………..

From inside the house.

While sitting next to the fire.

Maybe wrapped in a blanket. Or two.

But if I had my rathers, I would choose this.

  Guess some things never change. – One of the things I’ve yet to completely understand.

However, I think I do now understand why these long periods of word-less-ness occasionally happen. Which is what I was writing about in the first place.

 Think I tend to get distracted?

Lately I’ve laid back on writing; at least not done as much as I normally would. -thats the same thing isnt it). And it wasn’t because I didn’t have the time. If you know what you want there will always be time. But instead, I’ve been making time for something else. Many somethings in fact. And I feel like every once (or more than) in a while, we all need to take this well needed time to see these things. For we may look at them every day, but all too often everyday is looking at us.

There are so many changes taking place right now. At any given moment, something is changing around us or with us. We change our minds, our choices, our clothes and essentially everything inbetween. That’s part of how we understand and discover who we are. Not just with something like this, but everything in life. And while we may not always be sure about what we want, we don’t always take the opportunity to figure it out today. There’s pressure, rushing, time limits, deadlines, due dates, and constant stress over worries and everyday things. And for what?

Take holidays for example. It seems that every year after Halloween passes, Christmas is immidiatley thrust into progress. And every year it feels that within no time, it comes and goes with the blink of an eye, only then to be presented with yet another new year. Another chance to do it all again. 

Even though thats only one portion out of the year, I still wonder if its things like these that may be enabling us to say “there’s always tomorrow” or “next year”, instead of making the most out of whats here today. Because for one reason or another, caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, tomorrow always seem like a better time to make a change.

I wish I understood what exactly prompted this thinking these past couple of weeks. Its been hard for me to keep a concentration in any one direction. In fact my direction seems to be changing daily. With that said, I think I may have also discovered a world of seperate somethings. One that doesn’t include stress or waiting for the right time to see whats here today. And I guess that started by narrowing down what’s imprtant and what never was, in order to reconnect with the world we often forget even exists.

The one that matters. The way life was meant to be.

The way the morning sun shines through the window, the smell after it rains, the first page of a new book, the first bloom of a sunflower……spending time with family and friends. Knowing what makes you happy.

 Seeing the world without boundaries or deadlines and not waiting until tomorrow to see them.

This isn’t a job. This isn’t something I have to work at and thats the part I love about it. These things I’ve seen lately may not even seem like much at all, until you start to see them differently……

you just have to start by actually seeing them.