Mountain Jewels: A local Journey


Rest: I’ll admit…..I’ve never been much of an advocate for going to bed or getting up early. In fact, early is a word that has unintentionally become non-existent in my world. Such as today, after I had already confirmed to myself that I would be out of bed before 7:00am to write about yesterdays adventure…..

As you can see, it is nearly 16 hours later and I am just getting around to doing so. My alarm happens to have this magical button called “Snooze” that prohibits me from getting up. It becomes oh so tempting to press (usually more than once) before the sun has risen-and it just doesn’t seem fit to start the day without light shining through my windows.

So for now, until I can come up with a better excuse explanation: that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, back to the REAL story. Its much prettier.

“Its amazing what you can discover right out your back door.”  Dads words, not mine 😉

This is not out my back door per se- just ironically close to where I live. What is amazing though, is that you can live somewhere and not even know what is around you. 

Rest isn’t always another word to define sleep.(in some cases, it absolutely is) Sometimes it’s just the opposite. Sometimes its taking a break from everyday and sometimes is opening your eyes to see whats new. And it could that the “new” has been there all along, but the day you get tired of looking at the old is when you finally take the time to really see it. So yesterday we took a drive, all of us needing a break, or simply a change of scenery. And it didn’t take long before we discovered this:

 It didn’t look like this at first, but we drove a little further. After passing over a bridge, -over the hills and through the woods- we pulled off on a side road and at last— The beginning of all great discoveries………….stairs.

Tucked away in the midst of jewel colored trees was something “new” waiting to be discovered. I felt like it was one of those scenes from a storybook fairytale. . It could have been plucked straight from Snow white and the seven dwarfs. You literally had to be there to understand.

I’m slowly learning that theres another aspect to writing that not all words can capture. Pictures add another dimension to the journey, and I really feel like I will be including more of them into my posts. In this case however, even pictures do this no justice.

The trees give those subtle “hints” that fall is here. Its a change that happens before our eyes and all we have to do is watch.

 Just as with my gardening adventure this year, nature shows us things and allows us to see past the hustle and bustle daily life brings. We all become so caught up in whats going on in our lives that we often miss some of the most amazing parts of it.  


Something as simple as taking a drive led us to this beautiful place and totally made my afternoon. Whatever else was going on didn’t matter. Because when you open your eyes and start to look, there is so much more that really matters.

Its a place where two roads can diverge to form somewhere new. And in fact it can make all the difference.


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  1. The pictures are just stunning! And a story well-told. . thank you so much for sharing your day with us. . .It brightened up my night. . .although looking at the clock. . .it is not officially tomorrow. . .excellent post! Thanks again. . .

  2. I too,feel as your friend Floyd does… can be better than words, but your words brought the reader right into the pictures. My favorite phrase……”when you open your eyes and start to look, there is so much more that really matters”……….please read the book I posted….*Michael Vey*
    You won’t be disappointed ❤

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