Finding a “balance” between work and other things…


As you may have noticed, I tend to do a lot of thinking. And in my case, a lot of thinking requires a lot of writing, which means a having a hard time concentrating on anything else, especially the things I should be doing.
Even when I’m not writing, I’m always thinking -about something- no matter how much I try to focus otherwise.
My brain is constantly going a mile a minute, my fingers are having a hard time trying to keep up, and my poor computer is pleading insanity (a figure of speech, not to be taken literally) for a break from all the information I’m trying to cram into it. (My cell phone screams in equal resentment)
If I could, I would write every single second of every day. I’d keep going until my fingers hurt and could go no more, and even then that would probably never stop me.

But realistically at the moment, what I want and what I need to do seem to be colliding head to head. (Writing included)
Trying to organize the two of them is rather tiring. When I’m supposed to be working, I find myself jotting down thoughts and words and ideas, (leaving post-its on the walls, chairs and other neighboring furniture items) hence neglecting all of the “need to” things.  And the more I try to ignore it, the less I end up getting done.

I know I can’t be the only person who this has happened, and/or is happening to. Trying to find a balance that keeps both sides happy and still be successful…
Its either making sure your priorities come first and put everything else behind. Or letting the priorities fall so you can follow in another direction. And unless that means turning your wants into needs, the result is not always a successful ending.

We can only go for so long doing any one thing before inevitably we reach the point of “burning out”. (That by the way, is an actual term. Ask any college student studying for an upcoming exam. )
And that is the part where the figure, “All work and no play.” literally comes into play.

And part of the reason I am still here writing.

We can work as hard as we want to get ahead in any one direction, as long as were willing to let something else fall. But we can also fail to take care of the necessities if we get too caught up in what we would prefer.
That doesn’t mean work has to be a bad thing, (unless you choose to make it that way.) And wanting to do something else isn’t bad either.
But when you’re at the point of feeling guilty for not tending to what you think you should, then you know its time to make a change.
Sometimes the things you want are really what you need, and knowing when you need them helps to keep them balanced.

I could stop writing if I wanted to, and try to focus strictly on working……..

And it would last a grand total of about a week.

If I’m lucky.

I could also drop everything and do nothing but write.
In which case I would probably be perfectly happy, but at the same time I would also jeopardize the priorities in my life.

In either case, nothing would be complete, because each side completes the other.

Its about balance. Its about knowing what makes the other work more efficiently, and finding what works best for you.
I write because I think clearer, it helps me gain a better understanding, and I’m more likely to work better when after I do.

I wrote this because I wanted to, because I enjoy it and because I know its my own little level of “balance”.
Even if you can’t choose, you can still incorporate something that you want and enjoy, just because you look forward to it or it inspires you in some way.

I still have other things I need to do- a lot of them actually.

You probably do to, and yet you’ve chosen to take the time to read this instead…..Isn’t it funny how things work out like that? 😉


So, needing to get back to the priorities; I hope I haven’t kept you too long. But if you happen to have another moment to spare…..

What are some things that help keep a balance for you?


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  1. Your awareness of all that surrounds you and how you handle the balance of it all is a “level” of understanding I’m still working on. My favorite part of this message is….
    “Sometimes the things you want are really what you need, and knowing when you need them helps to keep them balanced.” I look forward to your thoughts Sheila ❤

    • My “level” is something I am always working on! Its a never-ending work in progress for everyone because everything is always changing and it never stops- we have to “balance” accordingly based on which weights need adjustment at the time. Understanding is just part of knowing how to adjust them.

  2. Thanks for sharing you unique experience 🙂

    All you have to do is not let your mind wander back or forward. Which does not mean you have to make an effort. Effort is that which takes you back or forward. You just need non-effort or doing nothing. All you have to do is not to join in with the madness. When it goes back or forward, just observe it. Give it little smile or even laugh at it but do not join it in its run . You will soon see yourself fused with a source of energy you have never known.

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