Anticipation or Realization?


Anticipation………and you thought that was only for the kid who couldn’t wait to open his presents on Christmas day.

Nope. Turns out it can happen to anyone.

This afternoon I stared into my closet looking desperately at the usual clothes I’ve grown tired of wearing. Of course there were the usual culprits: tees, tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, winter shirts, summer shirts, and a complete side designated to sweaters and parkas.(possibly because I find that I am always freezing)
I’ve yet to understand why all neat things are discovered under the bed or in the closest somewhere, but from the corner I pulled out a purple party dress. – complete with ty-dye sparkles. and a pull back sash. Something that I’ve had for the past 4 years at least, and only worn a handful of times. Looking at it, I briefly drifted off into a day dream (this seems to happen quite frequently) and began thinking about if and when I’d ever get the chance to wear it: more rather, whether there would ever be an occasion to which I could wear it to.

I looked in the mirror, then back at the dress. I owned it, I loved it, yet hardly wore it. What’s the point in having something if its not being enjoyed? Why do we save certain items for only “special” occasions when LIFE is an occasion itself??

Someone told me you can wear a party dress to a grocery store if you want to just because you feel like wearing it. So, instead of standing there, that’s what I did………….
With the one exception that I had no reason to go to the store today…. Otherwise you probably would have found me in the produce section somewhere. 😉
However, in the future I would not be surprised if you do see me there dressed as I was today.

With nowhere to go and no place to be, I quickly put it on and added a scarf, purse and pair of heels to complete the outfit. Immediately I felt a sense of freedom. Like a million bucks and someone had just said go out and see the world!

Okay, maybe that’s saying a bit much, but there was something definitely different.

 I didn’t realize at first, but that dress was a change all by itself. Not only because it was something different than I normally did wear, but because I saw it as important and special and beautiful and I anticipated the chance to be able to wear it. Even if I didn’t know when that chance would be.
I hadn’t even left my room but when I put it on I felt the same way: I felt an anticipation for life as if it were a special occasion waiting to happen. Its strange and beautiful all in the same. And that’s when I realized. Anticipation and waiting are separated by realizing when waiting is necessary and anticipating becomes closer to showing you the right moment.

My lesson for the day of course, was that the day doesn’t have to look different for you to see it in a new light.
And if something as simple as a dress helps you feel somewhat closer to that, then by all means wear it.

You never know when an occasion will arise, but the truth is, if your still waiting for one, then the right moment is never going to come.


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  1. Love reading your thoughts and how very skilled you are , turning them into words. This line, I liked the most…….”the day doesn’t have to be look different for you to see it in a new light”

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and recommending this post. I love it. I have so many of those dresses. Great post and I really like your writing style!

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